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WAMI Decade of Excellence Gala

On March 26, 2022, WAMI held our Decade of Excellence Gala. This gala was a massive success, as we were not only able to gain support to help us achieve our mission, but, we were also able to honor two amazing freedom fighters who are putting in the work to support justice-impacted individuals.

The first person who was honored at this gala was no other than our wonderful founder and executive director, Tiheba Bain! From backpack giveaways to sharing the stories of women who are living with violent convictions, we are proud that Tiheba was recognized for her hard work. We are excited to see all of the amazing work that Tiheba will do in the future to help justice-impacted individuals.

This gala also honored Anderson Curtis, who is the Senior Policy Advisor at the ACLU of Connecticut. Curtis has worked to support campaign leaders who have directly been impacted by the criminal (in)justice system to effectively use their voices to advocate against the disparities in the system and has also participated in developing both the ACLU's public education and voter engagement efforts.

Several WAMI board members also attended the gala, and we are grateful for all of the work that they do. Please consider coming to our gala this year in order to learn about and support WAMI's efforts! Not able to come to the gala? Donate today instead!

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