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It is thanks to the sustenance from founders like ours that we are able to continue on our mission to enriching the lives of justice-involved women and girls.

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CJI Fund

The American Rescue Plan Act 

We want to thank the City of Bridgeport for providing us with the 2021 American Rescue Plan Grant as a Second Chance / Re-entry Agency in the community. We also want to thank the Second Chance Committee for working so closely with us and supporting us along the way. 

Circle For Justice Innovations

CJI is an innovative grant making collaborative made up of community organizers, activists, donors, and donor-activists. Together we identify, fund, and nurture grassroots organizations led by those most impacted working to transform the criminal justice system in the United States.

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Borealis Philanthropy

Borealis is a social justice philanthropic intermediary working to resource grassroots movements for transformative change. We build bridges between funders and organizers to support movements working to make a future that serves all of us. Borealis works with funders to direct resources to people building powerful, thriving communities. We invest in leaders, organizations, and movements using diverse and leading-edge strategies to pursue transformational change.


Fairfield County's Community Foundation

As a nonprofit partner and thought leader since 1992, Fairfield County’s Community Foundation brings together passionate people and trusted resources to solve our region’s challenges through innovative, collaborative solutions. Together, our goal is to close the opportunity gap in Fairfield County by eliminating disparities in income, education, employment, housing and health.

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Haymarket People's Fund

Haymarket People’s Fund gives money to grassroots groups of local organizations across the region who believe that change is possible. We’ve been behind the scenes, providing money to almost every major social justice movement in New England since 1974. Haymarket believes that communities that come together with a vision of justice can get the job done, provided they have the resources. That’s where Haymarket comes in.

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Peace Development Fund

The Peace Development Fund (PDF) was founded in 1981 when a small group of donor activists came together with a common vision of funding social justice and peace through a public foundation. PDF was founded on the belief that lasting change will come only when a large amount of people are well informed and empowered to make change. PDF has always believed that true democratic change must take place from the bottom up. That change can only endure with citizens who are both informed and clear about what they believe.

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Resist is a foundation that supports people’s movements for justice and liberation. We redistribute resources back to frontline communities at the forefront of change while amplifying their stories of building a better world.

Sparkplug Foundation

The Sparkplug Foundation is a family foundation, funded and administered in the US. We are guided by community voices, and prioritize grassroots organizing and innovation as the key for creating change. We believe that communities are best qualified to say how funds should be used to make the change they need.

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The Tow Foundation

We were established in 1988 by Leonard and Claire Tow, and envision a society where all people have a voice in their community and the opportunity to enjoy a high quality of life. We strive for this by supporting nonprofit organizations that serve vulnerable populations and help individuals to become positive contributors to society for the benefit of themselves and others.


The National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls

The National Council is committed to abolishing incarceration for women and girls. The prison experience increases trauma in women and, if they are mothers, to the children they are separated from. It deepens poverty in the individual lives of incarcerated people and the overall economic stability of their communities. We believe that the current criminal legal system has failed and needs to be dismantled. We have better solutions. Join us in our work to end incarceration of women and girls.

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