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YPC Introductory Letters

What are Introductory Letters?

Introductory letters are letters that one organization or business may send to an entity that may help to drive the success of their organization / business. These letters are important in establishing partnerships with other entities, expand an organization's / business' offerings, or strengthen their current services.


Why did WAMI send introductory letters?

WAMI sent multiply introductory letters in order to establish relationships with potential organizations and entities that can help us to run WAMI Youth Peer Court (YPC). These entities may provide us with volunteers, or provide us with guidance to ensure we are able to meet our goals.

Who did WAMI send introductory letters to?

WAMI sent introductory letters to students, schools, courts, police, and the Juvenile Justice Policy and Oversight Committee. Students will serve as volunteers for WAMI YPC, and schools can help us to recruit these student volunteers. In addition, we hope to gain support from the courts, police, and the Juvenile Justice Policy and Oversight Committee in order to run YPC and gain advice from them on practices that we can implement to better achieve our goals.


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